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8:45 am Exhibit with the FAC at FI2018 @ Farnborough International
Exhibit with the FAC at FI2018 @ Farnborough International
Jul 16 @ 8:45 am – Jul 22 @ 5:00 pm
Exhibit with the FAC at FI2018 @ Farnborough International | England | United Kingdom
The Farnborough Air Show 2018 takes place from 16th to the 22nd July 2018.  The FAC will again have a  large stand in Hall 1. Our stand is based in the brand new prestigious Hall[...]
9:00 am Additive Manufacturing Overview ... @ Wellington Room
Additive Manufacturing Overview ... @ Wellington Room
Sep 12 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Aim The aim of this Additive Manufacturing training is to provide attendees with the most up to date overview of what additive manufacturing (AM) is, how to design and develop products for AM, how to[...]
9:00 am Additive Training Course @ Montgomery Room
Additive Training Course @ Montgomery Room
Sep 12 @ 9:00 am – 4:45 pm
Aim The aim of this Additive Manufacturing training is to provide attendees with the most up to date overview of what additive manufacturing (AM) is, how to design and develop products for AM, how to[...]

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NATEP National Showcase Event, Manchester 28th March 2017

Review of NATEP National Dissemination Event

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The event had six invited speakers:

The Right Honourable Maria Miller is the local Member of Parliament for Basingstoke, Marcus Bryson CBE is the Director of the Aerospace Hub in the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Stephen Gregory is the Supplier Development Manager, Airbus UK; Denzil Lawrence is in the Supplier Management, Boeing UK; David Barnes is the Chief Executive Officer of Farnborough Aerospace Consortium; and Sir Donald Spiers is the Chairman of Farnborough Aerospace Consortium.

In addition there were 16 short presentations on NATEP projects and 24 NATEP projects who took part in the exhibition.

This was a very well attended event, with more than 110 delegates. It was held at the Ark Centre in Basingstoke whose fantastic conference facilities and excellent catering added considerably to the enjoyment of the event. The technical presentations covered a wide range of subjects from ‘System Assurance and Certification’ to a ‘Wheel Storage Solution’. Topics covered were materials, sensors, on-board equipment, electrics and electronics, design and modelling, productivity and software solutions. David Barnes, talked about the NATEP programme and its achievements to date exceeding the performance parameters defined at the start of the programme. He introduced Maria Miller who spoke about the importance to the economy of the Aerospace supply chain in the UK and to the local economy in the South East and the importance of NATEP in generating new technologies which will help the UK to maintain its position as the second largest aerospace market in the world. Marcus Bryson talked about the work that was being done in the Aerospace Hub, and in particular the help that they were giving to companies which wanted to export. He re-iterated the success and importance of NATEP and thought that it had the opportunity to flourish under Aerospace Technology Institute funding. Denzil Lawrence and Stephen Gregory talked about how small companies can sell into the aerospace market and the importance of initiatives such as Sharing in Growth and SC21. Sir Donald Spiers summarised the Showcase event with some concluding remarks.

Current NATEP Projects in the SE from Calls 1 – 4

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Nineteen new technologies in development in the UK aerospace supply chain were on display at the NATEP Showcase 2015


NATEP (National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme) is a £40m industry-government programme to mature more than 100 innovative technologies and get them ready for use on tomorrow’s future aircraft. The wide suite of new technologies will reduce aircraft fuel consumption by reducing weight, improve aircraft safety even further, and boost the productivity of the UK’s aerospace manufacturing companies.

Almost two hundred participants attended to hear presentations, look at the technologies on display, and meet the innovating companies. They came from the big aerospace companies such as Airbus, Rolls-Royce, GKN and UTC Aerospace Systems, from many aerospace supply chain companies as well as from interested parties in universities and government bodies. A visiting group of experts from UK Trade and Investment, normally stationed at British embassies around the world, were able to see the presentations, meet the companies and take briefing materials back with them to promote the capabilities of the UK aerospace supply chain in aerospace markets across the globe.


Jeff Taylor, NATEP Director


Project partners present their project

 The presentations and exhibition themselves involved a total of 50 companies working on the 19 projects, taking stock of the first one-sixth of the projects to be completed by 2017. The projects covered the entire aircraft product lifecycle: engineering new aircraft, designing better parts, improving manufacturing productivity and the safer in-service use of aircraft by the airlines.

The projects included:

Innovations in engineering systems

  • Reducing aircraft testing costs with simulation software.
  • Improving safety with systems to verify new aircraft and engine software.

Innovative parts design

  • Saving weight with flexible printed circuit boards to replace wiring harnesses.
  • Improving the design, weight and manufacture of aircraft parts with additive layer manufacturing.
  • Reducing weight with forged magnesium aircraft parts.
  • Giving parts designers freedom to make new shapes by using water soluble ceramics in the casting process.
  • Accelerating time-to-market for a new metal alloy by testing the effects of applying different surface treatments to it.
  • Giving parts designers confidence to use lightweight carbon fibre reinforced plastics by reinforcing them to prevent delamination and crack propagation.

Innovations in manufacturing

  • Easier assembly of composite parts with better fasteners.
  • Better manufacturing processes for difficult-to-make parts.
  • More accurate and robust methods for drilling deep holes in aerospace parts.
  • Improving the workplace environment and reducing costs by drilling holes in aluminium without liquid chemical lubricants.

Innovations in supply chain management

  • Streamlining inter-company operations by improving connectivity and visibility.
  • Reducing inventories with better visual supply chain management.
  • Helping small aerospace companies to work together by using the same new software tools.

Innovations in aviation and maintenance, repair and operations

  • Improving safety with systems to avoid collisions at airports.
  • Making skies safer through better monitoring of UAVs in civil airspace.
  • Improving maintenance with paints to indicate temperature of parts.
  • Boosting safety with a long-duration portable oxygen cylinder for cabin crew and first aid use.




According to Paul Everitt, Chief Executive of the national aerospace body ADS who opened the showcase, NATEP plays a central role in making the UK’s industry-government Aerospace Growth Partnership a success. Dr Andrew Mair, Chief Executive of the regional Midlands Aerospace Alliance, commented: “NATEP seems to work better than other schemes because it is organised by industry for industry and fits the way aerospace businesses thinks and works.”

Mentoring guidance provided by technology experts at potential aerospace customers is crucial to the success of NATEP, and the 19 projects have a total of 25 mentor companies working closely with them – on a voluntary basis. Rolls-Royce is one of them. Paul Snelling, the company’s Head of Supply Chain Collaboration, explained to the Showcase how NATEP is fuelling a series of smaller innovations complementary to big Rolls-Royce research projects. Tom Cook, Head of A350 Wing Architecture and Integration at Airbus, identified the 20 NATEP projects various divisions of Airbus are already supporting as proof of the value Airbus attaches to the programme. Robin Hill, Engineering Fellow – High Integrity Electronics at Rolls-Royce’s Controls and Data Services subsidiary, explained how two of the projects his company is supporting will help it overcome some important technical barriers.

While government funding for NATEP was initially set up for England, Noel Brown, Technology Executive, R&D Division, Invest Northern Ireland told the audience that the model is so fruitful that NATEP Northern Ireland has been set up and is already linking small companies that have innovative ideas with large customer companies like Bombardier.

The final project presentations looked back in time to ask “where are they now?” of two supply chain technology projects that were part of NATEP’s predecessor support programme ATEP which had supported 11 projects in the Midlands between 2006 and 2012. Megan Anderson, Quality Manager at G&O Springs, explained how through ATEP the company had successfully added design expertise to its traditional make-to-print manufacturing capability. The result is that the company is now winning business with four new customers and is now growing rapidly. Steve Ashworth, Technical Director at Aeromet International explained how their ATEP project to develop a new aluminium alloy, A20X, had opened up new aircraft parts markets and had kicked off the company’s first technology roadmap allowing it to participate in a series of follow-on R&D projects.

Andy Page, Chairman of the NATEP National Steering Board and Chief Executive of Sharing in Growth rounded off the day’s discussion by congratulating all the supply chain companies on the success of their projects, by summing up the key messages of the day, and reminding delegates of the continuing need to bring new talent into their companies as a source of future innovations.


The NATEP team

Exciting NATEP Project Story
Alan Maskell and Dr Tim Ward, NATEP Technology Managers, attended Aerodays 2015 and it was a really successful event – see picture below:

TW AM at Aerodays 2015 Reception at Science Museum
Leading up to and during Aerodays 2015 a competition was held for Post Graduate Students across Europe, this was a two part competition where competitors had to write a Project Paper and design a Poster. Leading up to the event Regional competitions took place to identify finalists who were invited to present their papers; and answer questions, to an audience at the Conference.

    IMG_0788     IMG_0790

Silvia Araquas of Sensor Coating Systems submitted a paper and a poster relating to NATEP Project FAC – 013 Temperature Indicating Paints for Aero Engines and was selected for the finals. We are delighted to announce that her Paper and Presentation took 2nd place and her poster won the competition (copy HERE) In both categories Sylvia credited NATEP for the support she had received.

National Aerospace Technology Exploitation
Showcase 2015:
New Technology in the Aerospace
Supply Chain

NATEP is a national programme under which aerospace supply chain companies are developing more than 100 new technologies for the UK and global aerospace industry.

NATEP Showcase 2015 will celebrate the success of the companies participating in NATEP and their new technologies. It will provide a forum for aerospace supply chain companies that are working on one of the 100+ NATEP projects to present some of their new ideas to the wider world in a supportive environment that includes potential customers, other NATEP companies and other aerospace industry stakeholders.

If you would like to find out more please click HERE

The 5th and final call of the current programme closed on the 14th May for the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP).

In the South East Region we accepted 21 outline proposals and countrywide, over 90 came in.  This exceed everyone’s expections and only serves to confirm what a successful programme NATEP has turned out to be.

Over the next six months these Outline proposals will be assessed with successful projects commencing work in November.

During the same period it is hoped that further runding will be made available ti allow for a further 4 Calls – so watch this space for future updates – particularly if you have a project in mind!

For more information:

To express an interest in applying for support through the NATEP programme please complete and return the NATEP Outline Application Form (see below).

For all application enquiries contact:
Alan Maskell: Tel: 01252 375 600 M: 07768 387 833

Guidance & Scoring Scheme for Outline Proposal Assessment (161.3 KB)

NATEP will support projects like these… (1.4 MB)

v6.0 NATEP Outline Proposal Form

NATEP Overview v2 (812.0 KB)

Latest News Release

New business opportunities for S2 Aerospace on the back of NATEP funding

S2 Aerospace originally applied for funding to address a specific need identified by one of its high profile military customers i.e. to design, develop and test a prototype novel Storage Management and Rapid Transit (SMART) Racking System for aircraft wheels.

Wheels are currently stored in a manner that negatively impacts tyre and bearing longevity.  The planned SMART racking system will store wheels in a controlled way that minimises contamination and fatigue.  A specially adapted transport trailer facilitates easy transit of wheels to aircraft from the storage area.  Novel bearing protection will be incorporated to prevent water and dust ingress during transport and storage.  To take the project forward, S2 Aerospace is working in collaboration with The University of the West of England to develop an in-house capability for innovative engineering design of new technologies and products to add to its already extensive mechanical engineering operation.

This denotes a real step-change from its more traditional role as a build to print enterprise and furthermore will enhance the UK aerospace supply chain.

S2 6 wheel config

The results to date are impressive.  The initial project outline has been re-designed and expanded with support from the West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF). A new trolley design for transporting individual wheels from the bespoke storage racks to the Rapid Transit trailer and thus to the aircraft is being designed – streamlining the process still further. Further enhancements will include the integration of active elements creating a 3 level product range including mechanical and powered options.  The range will reduce all pressure point fatigue leading to potentially longer mean time between repairs.
The storage, transportation and protection range will be extremely adaptable and have the potential to suit any make or size of wheel making this an attractive offering to end-users within both civil and military aerospace, and beyond.

Although only at the pre-prototype phase – the concept of the SMART Racking system has already generated interest in the UK, China and Qatar which ultimately could lead to new manufacturing jobs at the South West of England based firm.

S2 Aerospace Company Director Tim Shortman states:

“NATEP has provided the platform for S2 Aerospace to add product design and development to our portfolio, adding real benefit to our capabilities and expanding our business opportunities”.

National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme

 News Release:

The National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) has today announced a second round of bidding will open for aerospace businesses in January 2014. The announcement, made by the Secretary of State for Wales, Rt. Hon David Jones MP, will allow more companies to apply for a share of the £40m funding pot to help mature 100 undeveloped products or manufacturing process technologies over the next four years. The Programme is designed to create or retain 1,200 jobs in this valuable sector, supporting the aims of the Aerospace Growth Partnership to maintain the UK’s global position in the aerospace market. (to read full press release click HERE)

Managed at national level by ADS, NATEP will be organised throughout the UK by the regional aerospace alliances for their respective clusters:

  • Farnborough Aerospace Consortium
  • Midlands Aerospace Alliance
  • North West Aerospace Alliance
  • West of England Aerospace Forum
  • ADS Northern Ireland
  • Aerospace Wales

NATEP summarised

National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) is an Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP) programme designed to:

  • Allow development of products and manufacturing technologies at lower levels of the supply chain;
  • Encourage supply chain partnerships with customer participation;
  • Support R&D management in the supply chain;
  • Focus on middle TRLs;

The objective of this programme is to support the maturing of 100 undeveloped aerospace technologies in the UK aerospace supply chain between 2013 and 2017, thereby creating or retaining as many as 1200 jobs.

NATEP is a £40m programme jointly funded by industry and government. Government has pledged £23m from it’s Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) which is being managed by Birmingham City Council.

Industry partners include – Airbus, Bombardier, GKN Aerospace, Rolls-Royce and Spirit Aerosystems.

This is a National programme managed by ADS and rolled out by Regional Aerospace Alliances.

Minister Michael Fallon comments: According to Business Minister Michael Fallon: “We have a world-leading aerospace sector underscored by our ability to excel in areas like research & development. It’s this commitment to innovation through our Aerospace Industrial Strategy that will be a crucial driver for long-term growth.

“If we are to get ahead of the game we must create the right conditions now that incentivise businesses to invest in the UK and develop new, exciting products. This new funding will help to do just that and also ensure a high level of quality projects receive the support they need to get off the ground.

“The National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) is positive news for UK aerospace, and a further demonstration of Government and industry working together to strengthen our supply chains.”

For more information

To express an interest in applying for support through the NATEP programme please complete and return the NATEP Outline Application Form (see below).

For all application enquiries contact:
Alan Maskell: Tel: 01252 378 252 M: 07768 387 833

NATEP National Office contact details: Jeff Taylor, Director, Mobile: 07825 712534

If you wish to find out more please go to

Natep Overview 2014

NATEP will support projects like these… (1.4 MB)

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